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January 26, 2021

280 Video Generator / Analyzer Instrument Set

The Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 280 HDMI/HDBaseT Video Generator (Tx) and Analyzer (Rx) is small compact, battery powered test set ideally suited for professional A/V integrators and home theatre installers. This convenient test set enables you to conduct basic verification and diagnostic tests on HDMI/HDBaseT cables, video distribution networks and individual A/V components.  The HDMI input and output ports support testing up to 18 Gbps data rate and 600 MHz pixel rate and the HDBaseT input and output ports support testing up to 300 MHz pixel rate. The HDBaseT interface supports transmission in Long Reach mode as well.


The 280G/A instrument set’s features and convenient operation can shorten time on the job site and reduce callbacks by enabling you to run basic verification and diagnostic tests on complex video distribution installations quickly and efficiently.

Test Installed Networks End to End – Test HDMI and HDBaseT entire video distribution networks end to end up to 18G (HDMI).

Test Devices and Cables – Test HDMI and HDBaseT cables, devices, components up to 18G (HDMI).

Verify Connection and Operation – Verify hot plug, +5V, EDID, HDCP, NEW! HDR, Video transmission through a video distribution network. NEW! This includes running HDBaseT in “Long Reach” mode.

Test for Interoperability – Check interoperability between video sources, displays and distribution equipment.

Diagnose Failures – Diagnose video and protocol  failures in cables, video distribution devices and components.

Quick, Clear Results – Simple Pass/Fail test indication on LCD display offers quick “Time-to-Insight.”

Reports – HTML formatted reports of tests performed to demonstrate proper network turn up.

Battery Powered – Both the 280G and 280A are battery powered. Typically you can expect at least 4 hours on an overnight charge.

Carrying Case – Optional handy optional carrying case available

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