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December 12, 2018
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December 12, 2018

Kern 3600

Kern 3600 reveals its superiority at a glance

  • Document format from min. 82 × 148 mm – max. 356 × 225 mm, continuously adjustable
  • Processing of up to 27,000 inserts/hour
  • Envelope format C6 – B5
  • Paper weight 70 – 120 g/m2
  • Maximum packing thickness: 8 mm
  • Four pocket folding unit
  • Automatic 2-minute format adjustment during application changeover
  • Kern mailFactory® compatible

Kern uses superior quality materials, the most up-to-date drive and sensor technologies, and sophisticated control systems and technology. High system availability and the renowned Kern durability are guaranteed.

The continuous speed adjustment enables optimal alignment with processing conditions. The Kern 3600 can handle 27,000 inserts per hour at maximum capacity.

Easy operation: specific image and graphic displays on the screen provide optimal operator support, for fast and straightforward system setting.

The Kern 3600 is equipped with a four pocket folding unit. The newly developed folding system allows practically all conceivable fold types to be carried out. Folds are carried out to the highest precision and quality. The folding plates can be equipped with automatic adjustment to enable fast conversion.

The mailFactory® software package supports and accompanies the entire handling process. Its modular design allows system integration of various functions to hardware and software, even retrospectively.

The Kern 3600 inserting system is the result of continuous further development of the Kern high-performance line, adapted to current customer needs.

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