780 Series Test Instruments
November 27, 2018
804 Series Video Generators
November 28, 2018

802 Series Video Generators

The Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 802 series video signal generators support testing for CRTs, flat panels, projectors and TVs including HDTV. The 802 is optimal for testing DTV, digital and analog displays and allows production and engineering users to create the most complex test images. You get the flexibility required to meet a tough production budget with the wide range of outputs the 802 series offers. And a PCMCIA slot makes it easy to copy the configuration of one generator to another.


The 802 series video generators are programmable instruments for testing digital video displays for development, production and quality assurance applications.

  • The 802BT video test generator offers testing of HDMI up to 165MHz or DVI single link testing. The instrument supports testing analog displays up to 200MHz.
  • The 802BT-CASS video test generator. The 802BT-CASS test instrument provides the necessary video outputs for the CASS program including: analog component, analog composite and EGA.
  • The 802R video test generator. The 802R video test generator offers testing of HDMI up to 165MHz or DVI single link or dual link testing. The analog component output provides 300 or 400MHz pixel rate outputs.
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